August 8th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Jose Fernandez

skoormit - Jeff Samardzija

La Osa Rosa - Max Scherzer

The Burst Hig: Today looks like one of those tantalizing opportunities where you wake up dreaming you might get points with a 53.  Kid's got a live arm.  I also missed the opportunity to talk about the major league debut of wonderfully-named and 29 year old Tuffy Gosewich.  Plus, 27 year old rookie Andrew Albers needs to meet Al Alburquerque.  Oh yeah, and these graphs are cool.
skoormit: Oh dear. Did I just get blarfed?


The Big Hurst: I was wrong about a short day meaning you get points with a 53.  A 63 at the bottom is fairly normal.  But there seems to be some sort of error with this chart.  Mr. Samardzija's Game Score may be missing a digit.  Blarf!  Okay, seriously, is Lincecum a good pitcher or a bad pitcher?  He's like Two Face.  Or a werewolf.  Don't look now, but Rosa is on a streak.


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