August 28th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Adam Wainwright

skoormit - Stephen Strasburg

La Osa Rosa - Felix Hernandez

The Big Hurst: Is anyone else rooting hard for the A's to overtake the Rangers?  Meanwhile, Danny Duffy versus Andrew Albers!  OooooOOOoooh!
The Big Hurst: King Felix or Prince Wainwright?  King Felix, or Prince Wainwright? It's so close.
The Big Hurst: Did I say I couldn't decide between Hernandez or Wainwright?  I really meant Fernandez and ... um ... Maintight ... or something.  Yowtch.
skoormit: I smell a blarf.


The Big Hurst:  Actually, a "Double Blarf"!  Actually actually, it's sort of a double "Double Blarf".  Rosa and I both blarfed.  And then I'm on the record as recommending both blarfers.  (I would've been better off with Danny Duffy.)  It's sort of the gloatiest and best possible scenario for skoormit, except for the decisive rain delay for Washington.  So it really seems like it's fairly rotten all around.  August 28: A date that will live in infamy.  Ugh.
La Osa Rosa: If you added both pitchers together, it would still be a Blarf.


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