August 16th, 2013

Today's slate.

The Big Hurst - Chad Gaudin

skoormit - No pick (slacker can't make it to an Internet connection for 2 minutes)?

La Osa Rosa - Zack Greinke

La Osa Rosa: Chad Gaudin has the lowest ERA today, don’t you want to pick him? Blarf, blarf! I’ll pick Zack Greinke since I’m an honorary Dodger.
The Big Hurst: It takes a special kind of confidence or stupidity to go with the guy that earned you the Blarfy Kitty last time.
skoormit: Trivia answer: they are the only 4 pitchers with more than 140 strikeouts in their age 20 or younger season since 2000.


The Hug Burst:  Stupidity.  Definitely stupidity.  Especially after Rosa remarked that I wouldn't possibly pick Chad Gaudin again, would I?  Is it Blarfy Kitty territory to score <10 and second from the bottom, or does he have to be on the bottom?  Against my own interest, I vote Blarf.


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